Com-Tech Sytems
Nova-32 And VSM Software
The Nova product has been the standard for carousel high speed order selection sinces it's  introduction in 1993.

In 1981 Com-Tech introduced modern day carousel order selection with the 'Batch Order Select System'  BOSS.

BOSS was the first automated system using batch pick indicators and light tree electronics to compliment computer control of  horizontal carousels.

Today Com-Tech writes and markets what many consider the fastest most robust carousel and vlm software available.

Nova32 for horizontal carousels, vlms and vertical carousels requiring high speed order selection
Nova Version 7.0 released.
Version 7 of the Nova software has been released.  Version 7 controls the most recent controllers used by the major manufacturers.  In addition v7 incorporates usb support, Windows 7 support and additional error recover support.
VSM Version 2.0  released
Horizontal Carousels, Vertical Carousels and VLMs
Many new features and additional support for new controllers have been added to VSM Version 2.0.
(V)ertical (S)torage (M)anager The perfect solution for storage centric applications.
VSM is the perfect companion to vertical carousels or vlms.  Highly graphical and simple to use this product was designed for the manufacturing and warehousing sites.
Support for current controllers and older controllers allow the mixing of devices and vendors for a robust software package second to none in the vertical market.